Managing Family-Friendly Menus with POS

Uncategorized - May 9, 2018

Four-Seasons-Brunch_uwish-680Younger kids don’t have the same tastes or appetites as adults or teenagers, so menus that include items designed for children can go a long way toward attracting families. You may want to offer perennial favorites such as macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, even though you don’t have them on your regular menu. Use your POS system to monitor which items are most popular with your youngest customers.

Some children are adventurous eaters, so you may also want to offer smaller or junior versions of full entrees. With more options, however, it can become harder for your wait staff to find the right option to enter an accurate order. Choose a POS system that allows you to display just what the wait staff needs to place the order with modifiers when needed.

The inventory management component of your POS system will also be valuable to track orders and ingredients that are used to prepare them and help you order sufficient quantities and avoid disappointing young diners.

Feature healthy kids’ options

With an increased focus on healthy eating, especially for children, incorporating healthy dishes on family-friendly menus is a must. This doesn’t mean eliminating hot dogs or French fries from the menu completely; just add healthier options as well. Consider a grilled chicken dish made with antibiotic-free meats as an alternative to fried chicken nuggets, or offer fruit slices and vegetable sticks as a side choice.

Healthier kids’ fare is especially appealing to children when it’s fun. Try connecting menu items to kids’ menu activities or try a creative presentation that would appeal to kids. You can monitor the success of these initiatives through POS reporting.

For Mom and Dad

For many people, “family-friendly” pertains only to children. However, parents also want to enjoy their meals. To more effectively generate repeat traffic and keep your POS system buzzing, consider offering summer dishes or specials that will make an outing fun for the adults in the family.

This is a great time to explore locally sourced ingredients and treat customers to the tastes of the season. Use your POS system to manage vendors so you always have the ingredients you need when you need them.

A POS System that Works for You

To successfully launch and manage a menu with more options, you need a POS system that can handle variety.  It must be configurable so employees can quickly and easily find all menu options and modifiers, and it must be easy to use to help employees avoid making mistakes.

With family-friendly fare and the right POS system, you can make sales to families sizzle during the summer months and throughout the year.

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