Ice Cream POS

Make the Right Investment: Ice Cream POS

Not all POS systems can stand up to restaurant environments. Ice cream POS hardware has to have a rugged design, able to withstand exposure to liquids, temperature extremes, and bumps from busy workers as they move about your ice cream or frozen yogurt shop to take orders and stock freezers.

Bematech offers POS hardware built for your shop’s environment, with enclosures that keep liquids and dust out and construction that anticipates the occasional bump, spill, or heat on a sunny day. Solutions purpose-built for use in ice cream and frozen yogurt shops offer lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than hardware built for consumer or light use because they require fewer costly repairs, minimize downtime, and are built to last.

New Employees Learn Fast on the Right Ice Cream POS System

One of the challenges common to ice cream and frozen yogurt shops is training seasonal and new employees. Our all-in-one terminals include large touchscreens that make training easier. Our Bemacash has software features and an easy-to-use training mode that helps new employees learn without affecting live data in the system. Bemacash’s intuitive user interface displayed on the touchscreen enables all employees to take an order or complete a sale with just a few taps on the touchscreen, accurately and efficiently serving customers.

Your business may also have part-time workers or workers that start their shifts at different times. Your ice cream POS system gives you the ability to save employee schedules and manage employee clock-in and clock-out times. Our all-in-one POS systems with optional integrated magnetic stripe readers enable you to require an ID card for access to employee time records, so only the employee can clock in to his or her account.



  • The small footprint of our POS hardware helps you conserve counter space
  • Our systems’ rugged design enables them to withstand spills, bumps, and temperature extremes
  • Our solutions provide the option of adding an integrated scale for shops that charge by weight
  • Your POS system can integrate with a kitchen display system that can push orders to the preparation station and help serve customers faster
  • Our solutions offer bill of material, inventory tracking and reporting, and real-time sales reports
  • Bematech offers both tablet and all-in-one POS systems