Fashion POS

Fashion POS: Deliver Great Customer Experiences

To stay competitive in the customer-centric world of clothing retail, your POS system has to help you deliver great customer experiences. Bematech fashion POS solutions enable you to provide fast, efficient, and personalized service.

Bematech All-in-One and tablet POS are powerful enough to handle payments, inventory searches, and returns quickly. With added barcode readers, sales associates can scan tags rather than use a keyboard, which provides even quicker, more accurate service. Bematech fashion POS systems allow customers to easily pay with split tenders, and accept a variety of payment types including EMV chip cards and near field communication (NFC) mobile wallet payments, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay. Our Bemacash POS software allows on-hold sales, so the line doesn’t stop moving when a price check or other assistance is needed to complete a transaction. It also enables you to handle full or partial returns quickly and easily, even splitting the return into cash and credit. When lines are long, Bematech tablet POS solutions give you line-busting capabilities with mobile checkout.

Training your sales associates is another necessity for great customer experiences, and Bemacash’s training mode allows new employees to learn without impact to real transactions or reporting data. Both new and seasoned sales associates will find that Bemacash’s user interface displayed on our POS system’s large touchscreens makes their jobs easier. It can provide a clean, “retail view” that displays only icons your employees need so they can assist customers quickly. Bemacash also tracks sales reports by customer, which allows sales associates to personalize service as well as cross-sell and upsell based on past purchases.

Fashion POS Overcomes Inventory Challenges

Inventory can be a significant challenge for clothing retailers: Not only do you need to carry the items your customers want, but also stock them in the right sizes and colors. Our Bemacash software features a clothing matrix created to manage fashion inventory, keeping track of items with multiple variants more efficiently. Bemacash also generates inventory reports, helps you track best sellers, provides you with alerts when an item needs to be reordered, creates purchase orders, and provides a vendor management framework to give you real-time visibility and tight control over your inventory. The right POS hardware is also necessary to efficiently manage inventory. Adding barcode scanners to POS terminals will help sales associates accurately enter items into inventory when received or returned.


  • Rugged All-in-One POS terminals and touch monitors that stand up to harsh retail environments
  • Bluetooth and USB scanner options
  • Compact or traditional cash drawers
  • Track sales and view sales reports in real-time
  • Manage multiple store locations and create a centralized unified stock pool
  • Set sales commission by store, employee, or merchandise
  • Employee management and time clock functionality
  • Payroll reports and third-party accounting integration