Hospitality POS

What Restaurants Need from Hospitality POS

Providing the right customer experiences has become crucial to restaurant success. Diners expect fast, efficient, accurate service, and it seems the bar is set higher every day. The challenge is to provide exceptional service that makes customers want to return, while also managing inventory, labor schedules, employee training, and finances. Restaurant POS needs to support operations, making them more efficient and productive and enhance dining experiences with reduced wait times and accurate orders.

In addition, it needs to stand up to harsh restaurant environments, performing even when exposed to dust, spills, and hot, humid kitchens.

The Benefits of Choosing Bematech POS

Bematech’s hospitality POS meets the challenges of a restaurant environment and supports efficient, profitable operation. Bematech’s restaurant POS solutions integrate with kitchen printers and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS). KDS streamlines communication between the POS and the kitchen staff, allowing preparation of different meal components to begin without delay and faster table turns. Our POS touchscreens help your staff work more quickly and accurately to provide optimal customer service, and they make it easier to train new workers. Your staff can even clock in and clock out on our POS systems.

Bematech’s all-in-one POS gives you all the durable POS functionality you need in a compact form factor that helps conserve counter space, and our tablet-based POS allows your staff to take orders and payments right at the table and access the POS system wherever it’s needed.


  • Rugged, spill-proof design
  • Easy-to-use touchscreens
  • Powerful processors and memory run applications without delays
  • Flexible configurations and cable management
  • Peripheral options, including MSR and customer display
  • Wi-Fi and network connectivity