KitchenGo Premium – Android Kitchen Display Software

The new era of “smart dining” has begun. Implementing Premium KDS, the next-gen kitchen display system designed by Bematech, that brings increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is the recipe for a successful restaurant.

The is designed to support order routing function if not been provided by the POS software. Router also offers advanced order routing function and features such as:

  • Assign station ID and manage station relationship
  • Arrange data communication through TCP/IP or folder drop
  • Order filtering
  • Food category setup
  • Individual item setup

For Multi-station operation, Router should be installed and opened on the Expeditor station.


With Statistic, users can generate different reports and quantify the data for operational use.
Featured reports include:

  • Total order count
  • Average order number per time slot
  • Average order preparation time
  • Total preparation time
  • Preparation time report – per station; per time period
  • User can also configure how many days you want to keep the old report data, default is keep reports for 180 days.


  • Ensure no order will go missing through automatic data transmission
  • Control food quality and reduce food waste
  • Manage and balance the workloads between stations
  • Prioritize orders by status, destinations and numbers of item included
  • Integrate with customer engaging solutions
  • Provide training to employees on the spot

For a complete feature list, please contact your Bematech Account Manager.