Bematech Kitchen Display System (KDS) Manager

Bematech Kitchen Display System (KDS) Manager

Kitchen Display System (KDS) Manager is a freeware software designed to shorten the integration time of Point of Sale systems with Bematech kitchen display systems. The application supports most of the common features requested by restaurant owners aiming to improve efficiency on the order preparation process in the kitchen.

Point of Sale developers for hospitality systems can focus on the business logic and features that concerns them most without bothering to endure into the details of the video controller hardware protocols and the logic behind order management.

The application is constantly upgraded for new features that are requested from our software partners, by our own software engineering team. We are committed to developing this utility and providing support for our software partners.

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Windows XP or 7 (32 or 64 bits)
Hard disk : 40 GB

Kitchen Display Software (KDS) Manager Software Overview

Easy Integration With POS Application
Kitchen orders are sent from the Point of Sale to the KDS Manager through xml files. The markup language description is intuitive and simple, allowing applications that currently send orders to kitchen printers to quickly support our Kitchen Display System. The KDS Manager notifies the POS application (file) when orders have been bumped off or recalled. The software can be installed either in the same computer of a Point of Sale application or, if desired, on a different PC.

Ease of Management
In the KDS Manager the operator is able to visualize the screen of each station individually. This allows the operator to verify, at any time, what orders are being displayed in the stations.

Secondary Backup Station
An item (or a category of items) can have a backup station assigned to them. If the primary station fails the items will be displayed on the backup station instead. This allows for a continuous flow of the order preparation process even when a hardware failure occurs.

Totalize the station items and display them summarized in the screen. With this feature operators can easily check for pending dishes grouped by items.

Order Preparation Features
Different Order Panel Layout – Up to 4×8 order panels can be displayed on the screen. This allows the application to adjust the number of orders shown at the screen according to their needs. Items can be displayed in different colors.

Order Alerts
Beep when order received
3 levels of timer alert -> different colors for different levels.
Orders routing
Different items can be displayed in different stations based on filter criteria easily configured in the KDS Manager. Routing by categories or by individual items is supported.

Parked Orders
An order is ‘parked’ in the kitchen when the operator determines that this order should be prepared later OR to associate with a different destination (drive-thru). Order can be parked by the operator (using the bump bar) or can be parked by the Point of Sale system (xml tag).

Expeditor Mode
A specific controller can be configured as the “Expeditor” that monitors order processing status from all the other stations in the kitchen. It informs the front counter/waiter when an order is completed and ready to be dispatched the customers.

Bump Bar
Bump bar personalization supports different bump bar layouts and key assignments.

Flexible Bump Method
Users can select to bump full orders or bump a single item.  Users can also adjust bumping confirmation pop ups (ON or OFF).

Auxiliary Functions
Help Menu -> Find out quickly the bump bar key assignment

Order Average Time
Operator can check on the kitchen controller screen the number of orders prepared and average preparation time for that Station.

Ticket Printing
In addition to show orders in the display attached to the kitchen controllers, orders can also be sent to a serial/USB printer attached to the controller. Ticket format configurable.

Highlight Order Events
Color Notification when item is changed or deleted.

Benefits of Bematech’s Kitchen Systems
Easily integrate a Kitchen Display System with current POS application
Often business owners hesitate to implement new technology because they are unsure of how it will work with their current technology infrastructure. This is not an issue with KDS Manager because it was designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing Point of Sale application.  KDS Manager sends orders directly from the Point of Sale to the back kitchen. KDS Manager displays the information clearly on a wall mounted monitor. The monitor replaces a line where orders typically would be clipped or hung. The monitor is a much more sophisticated look and eliminates the possibility of misplacing or ruining a printed ticket.

Conserve valuable business resources

Save Time: With KDS Manager you can customize the way orders are displayed on the monitor inside the kitchen using different colors and fonts. This makes it easy for kitchen staff to quickly identify ingredients necessary to prepare the order. Items will be prepared fast and efficiently, allowing for significant savings on production time.

Save Environmental Resources: Instead of printing each order on a ticket, orders are displayed in an easy to view grid on a monitor, which operates using less electricity and uses no wasteful paper.

Save Business Supplies: Because orders must be entered the same way every time at the Point of Sale, wait staff will enter orders with less error. There is also less opportunity for kitchen staff to misinterpret orders and as a result having to prepare a dish twice.   This saves your business time and product.

Remotely monitor entire kitchen operation…
The operator of a KDS Manager System can view the screen of each station from a remote location. They can verify at any time what orders are being displayed at the stations and how quickly they are being prepared. Operators can totalize the station items and display them summarized on the screen. With this feature operators can easily check for pending dishes grouped by item and understand the current status of the kitchen.

Keep kitchen operations continuously flowing…
An item (or a category of items) can have a secondary backup station assigned to them. If the primary stations fails, the items will be displayed on the backup station instead. This allows for a continuous flow of the order preparation process even if a hardware failure occurs.

Increase communication and group effort among staff…
Often restaurant staff will become frustrated as a result of miscommunication. Implementing a KDS system will streamline operations, allowing the front of house to clearly communicate requests to the kitchen staff, decreasing errors.

This technology eliminates the possibility of illegible orders and lost printed tickets. Items are prepared in a timely manner and completed in the order they arrived to the kitchen. This helps to keep front of house staff on a steady schedule and provide quality service to customers.

Easily track and maintain restaurant inventory…
KDS Manager produces an itemized report of products produced, which helps Restaurateurs make critical decisions regarding their menu, material orders and how to improve business.

Increase table turnover…
KDS Manager Software displays a time stamp with each item making the kitchen staff aware of how long ago an order was placed. This feature helps to decrease customer wait time keeping patrons satisfied and returning, all while allowing for higher volumes of visitors.

Enhance restaurant reputation and increase returning customers…
Customers return to restaurants because of consistent great food and exceptional service. KDS Manager helps deliver both of these results. The software displays graphical recipes and training videos, which assists kitchen staff in preparing and delivering food consistently every time.

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