Kitchen Display Controller

The kitchen display controller is one of the most critical components of a Kitchen Display System. The kitchen display controller will receive, organize and push out orders to be displayed on a monitor above the preparation stations.

Bematech’s kitchen display controllers are designed to function in harsh, high temperature, greasy environments. The units are fanless and ventless to ensure maximum reliability and permit long term use. Bematech’s kitchen display controllers are so well designed they have been certified by several dozen unique software houses through the Bematech Software Partner Program.


android kitchen display controller
LS8000 Kitchen Display Controller

The LS8000 is an advanced compact kitchen display system controller with Android operating system. The Android kitchen display controller is designed and manufactured for reliable…

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kitchen display controller
LS6100 Kitchen Display Controller

The LS6100 is an enhanced version of the time proven compact LS6000, Bematech kitchen display controller with improvement in speed of operation and network connectivity. The…

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industrial kitchen computer
LC8710 Kitchen Display Computer

Industrial kitchen display computers need to be reliable especially in harsh working environments. The LC8710 kitchen display computer is fanless and ventless with a Dual-Core processor.…

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