Computrition Partners With Bematech To Enhance Kitchen Production in Healthcare Foodservice

Press Releases - November 28, 2018

Computrition Partners With Bematech To Enhance Kitchen Production in Healthcare Foodservice

October 29, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition certifies Bematech as a third-party partner to jointly provide healthcare operators with a fully automated kitchen display system that can support a thriving kitchen production process and meet foodservice performance expectations.


The integration between the two systems allows patient orders and critical dietary notes to be communicated from Computrition’s Hospitality Suite to Bematech’s KitchenGo Premium so that production staff can efficiently view the orders on the monitors and accurately prepare meals.


The instant patient meal selections are initiated via Computrition’s room service or bedside ordering modules, data is automatically transmitted to the kitchen display screens. As a result, errors that commonly occur with the use of printed tickets, such as order misplacement or illegible orders, are eliminated.


With the KitchenGo Premium software, hospital food preparation teams have better routing, control, and visibility of the meal orders because they are all electronically managed in a first-in, first-out sequence. From a production standpoint, the kitchen display system will help balance the workload between stations and prioritize orders by status, destination and number of items.


Primarily, this partnership equips hospitals with the automation to effectively fulfill patient meal orders by streamlining the preparation of meals, which results in the prevention of errors and reduction of food waste, ultimately leading to the advancement of patient safety and satisfaction.


About Computrition – Computrition, Inc. is a leading provider of fully integrated nutrition and foodservice management software systems. With customers throughout the USA, Canada, and worldwide, Computrition provides an all-encompassing software system designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the healthcare, hospitality, higher education, military and corrections industries. Staffed by dietitians, foodservice directors, business & service professionals and certified technical specialists, Computrition possesses the expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality products and services with a focus on customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment, and profitability.


About Bematech – Bematech has over three decades of Point of Sale expertise in the United States with a global presence covering over 37 countries. Bematech prides itself on providing complete hardware and software solutions to meet your POS and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) needs. The company offers top-notch manufacturing, warehouse and technical support within the United States. Bematech is a one stop shop servicing a wide range of customers from SMB to enterprise businesses. Providing tailored POS solutions to help automate your business and increase your bottom line.