Product End of Life Notification – LE2000

Press Releases - February 20, 2017

Bematech is announcing discontinuation of production and sales of the following products.

Product Description:
LE2000 15″ true-flat PCAP touch monitor

Model numbers:
LE2000, LE2000M, LE2000B, LE2000MB

Last order date:
Feb 28, 2017 (subject to stock availability)

Reason for termination:
These products are obsolete with continued low demand making it impossible to warrant further production and support.

Replacement Products:
LE1015-J, LE1015M-J, LE1015B-J, LE1015MB-J

This notice serves as formal communication of Bematech’s intent to end the life of the products noted. Bematech will provide no further support for the product once the End-of-Life timeline is reached, except for those customers with valid warranty or contract extensions. Bematech will make reasonable, commercial attempts to continue to repair products and support capability throughout the life of all valid warranty and contracts currently in place. Should technology used in the product become discontinued, obsolete, or no longer available in the public domain, making parts or assemblies no longer available for these reasons, Bematech at its discretion will evaluate the impact and if significant, consider the feasibility and economics of a design change to enable continued repair, or provide replacement products as close as possible to functionality of the original products.