Announcing Bematech’s KitchenGo Premium App

Press Releases - January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017 (Bethpage, NY) – Bematech has been supporting restaurants to improve kitchen automation technology for decades. The company most recently created an Android based KDS software, KitchenGo, which combines years of on-field experience with feedback from our industry partners.  Although the application is Android based, it is POS system agnostic. In March 2016 KitchenGo Ticket was launched providing basic features such as: order ticketing, timing, bump and ticket recall.  This version can be used alongside your existing printer or in place of a kitchen printer saving money on printer and paper costs. The next step up from the KitchenGo Ticket application is KitchenGo Premium, a more feature rich and robust system. The beta version of this application has been tested and tweaked to now bring you an intuitive plug and play application to help run your kitchen efficiently.

KitchenGo Premium features include:KitchenGo Premium1kds kitchengoticket bundle

  • Multi language order display
  • Order waiting time alert
  • Customizable order panels
  • Customizable font styles, sizes and colors
  • Upgraded resolution; we now support 1080p output and widescreen monitors
  • Controller supports videos and graphics
  • POS operating system agnostic
  • Condiment message display
  • Buildcards: display images of buildcards/recipes for food items
  • Training video
  • KitchenGo comes as a preinstalled application directly on the Bematech LS8000 controller

Another great thing about this application is that if you already have KDS Manager, integration with KitchenGo is seamless!  Orders continue to be communicated via xml format through a shared folder or TCP/IP port.  Direct integration to Mobile POS systems is also now supported.

To learn more about Bematech KitchenGo or to schedule a private webinar please contact Alessandra Gomez at 516.248.0400 x 1413 or