Bematech and Logic Controls Introduce LR3000 Thermal Printer for high speed POS Transaction

Press Releases - January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009, New Hyde Park, NY. – Logic Controls, a Bematech company, and Bematech (, Brazil’s leader in POS automation, today introduced the LR3000 thermal printer to the U.S. retail and hospitality market. The announcement was made at the National Retail Federation’s 2009 Convention & Expo in New York City. The LR3000 represents the first Logic Controls printer launched under its brand. This is the first product launched since Logic Controls was acquired by Bematech in August, 2008 and offers a suite of features that showcase the combined ingenuity of the two market leaders.

The LR3000 is intended to give retail and hospitality users the Speed of transaction that is intrinsic to fast and effective service at checkout. The LR3000’s thermal printing technology and product features minimize downtime and paper waste. The printer’s flexible paper roll capacity simplifies the loading process, which can be managed quickly, without requiring the user to divert his attention from the customer. It is easy to install, never jams and has a small footprint, making it adaptable to even the most demanding, high-volume environments. A full list of the LR3000’s features can be found at

“2009 promises to be an exciting year for Bematech in the United States,” said Marcel Malczewski, Bematech”s co-founder and CEO. “We chose retail’s ‘Big Show’ as the perfect venue to showcase the value that Bematech and Logic Controls, in working together, will bring to American customers. The LR3000 thermal printer is just one in a series of point-of-sale technology solutions we will deliver to retail and hospitality companies, in our effort to help them work faster and more efficiently.”

Brazil is the eighth-largest economy in the world and the second-largest economy in the Americas. In less than two decades, Bematech rose to market leadership in Brazil. Currently, more than 63% of small- and mid-sized retail and hospitality companies in Brazil employ Bematech technology at the point of sale. A version of the LR3000 thermal printer has sold over 20,000 units around the world. Bematech’s technology suite includes miniprinters, microterminals, POS terminals, customer displays, scanners, cash drawers, card readers.

In 2008, Bematech acquired Logic Controls, a Long Island-based provider of POS and Kitchen Video Display systems, POS peripherals and industrial computers. Logic Controls continues to earn industry acclaim for its product portfolio; in recent years the company has captured a range of awards. These include “Best POS Hardware Channel Vendor” from Business Solutions Magazine; “Top 10 Pos Systems” (2007) and “Top 10 Peripheral Leader” (2006) in the RIS Hardware Leaderboard Survey; and “#1 Customer Pole Display” (2007) and “Top 10 Cash Drawers and Programmable Keyboards” (2007) in the VSR POS Hardware Leaderboard Survey. In tandem, Bematech and Logic Controls will develop and offer a full line of sophisticated POS solutions to the retail and hospitality industries both in the United States, and worldwide.

The manner by which Bematech will market such technology in the U.S. has changed, subsequent to the Logic Controls acquisition. Bematech will now use a distributor model, rather than the resale channel it once employed. All products will now flow through distributors including ScanSource, BlueStar, Ingram Micro’s Data Capture/POS Division, and Metropolitan Sales. Bematech’s U.S. headquarters will also move from Cincinnati, Ohio, to New Hyde Park, New York, where Logic Controls has operated since its inception in 1982.

About Logic Controls
Logic Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen video display systems, POS peripherals and industrial computers. Logic Controls offers both integrated POS systems and distributed POS bundles. In the mid-1990s, Logic Controls started to offer kitchen display system hardware when it introduced the Logic Net® products. Logic Net® was originally designed to meet IBM’s restaurant system requirements and was subsequently private labeled by IBM. Logic Controls’ broad POS peripheral product line includes customer pole displays, programmable keyboards, cash drawers, magnetic stripe readers and touch screen monitors. It is known for having the industry’s most popular and reliable customer displays. Logic Controls line of industrial computers are known for being fanless and having ultra-compact form factors.