Bematech Releases KitchenGo allee, A KDS Software Developed on an iOS Platform Press Releases - April 12, 2018

Bethpage, NY — Bematech, an industry-leading point of sale (POS) and kitchen display system (KDS) solution provider, introduces KitchenGo allee, the first independent KDS software developed on an iOS platform. This revolutionary management tool for restaurant enterprises delivers streamlined workflows and greater operational efficiencies that add up to significant cost savings. Developed with more than…

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How to Start a successful Food Truck business Bematech Blog - April 2, 2018

Food trucks have become popular among consumers in seemingly every demographic group, offering a wide variety of items.  Popular television shows such as The Great Food Truck Race,  Food Truck Face Off , and Food Truck Paradise are creating more attention for the Food truck industry. Some trucks are even operated by successful chefs and restaurateurs as well as upscale…

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Secrets for Winning Over Any Type of Restaurant Customer Bematech Blog - March 26, 2018

In some ways, the needs of every type of restaurant customer are the same, whether they’re enjoying a meal on the premises or off-premises. For example, customers who are dining in or ordering food for delivery or takeout always want food that looks and tastes great. However, each type of restaurant customer has different priorities…

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5 Must Have Features of a Coffee Shop POS System Bematech Blog - March 20, 2018

We’ve all seen the memes where coffee consumption directly impacts an individual’s level of workplace functionality. While it may be amusing to poke fun, the truth is, according to an annual report by the National Coffee Association, the percentage of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis increased to 62% in 2017—up from 57% in…

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5 Reasons iOS is the Best Choice for Your Restaurant’s mPOS Bematech Blog - March 16, 2018

Choosing a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system for your restaurant is a matter of remembering three S’s: simple, secure, and scalable. You’ll want an mPOS solution that new employees can learn quickly, that’s easy to maintain, that keeps your network and customer data secure, and that has the ability to grow with your business…

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How to Choose a Vape Shop POS System Bematech Blog - January 22, 2018

Leveraging a point of sale (POS) system for your vape business has benefits both today and tomorrow. Unlike manual processes and analog cash registers, vape shop POS systems help provide a higher level of customer service and decrease training time with employees as well as position your business to scale as needs grow. Here are…

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Exciting Promotions for Jan-Mar 2018 Press Releases - January 8, 2018

It’s a great way to start off 2018 by taking advantage of these exciting offers!

Retail Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 Bematech Blog - December 20, 2017

The retail industry has developed a symbiotic relationship with technology. Retail technology provides the data business owners need to cut down on waste and increase profit margin as well as the capabilities they need to create shopping experiences that meet consumer expectations and help build customer loyalty. In turn, changing consumer behaviors and new retail…

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4 Reasons You Wish You Had a Kitchen Display System this Holiday Season Bematech Blog - November 9, 2017

Restaurateurs have a tool that can help them operate efficiently even during the busy holiday rush — the kitchen display system (KDS).  During the season filled with holiday parties, shoppers treating themselves to dining out after a day of searching for the perfect gifts, and families and friends gathering at your restaurant, a KDS is indispensable…

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Last-Minute Holiday Retail Strategies Bematech Blog - October 25, 2017

Are you tired of hearing “November is too late”? Everyone knows you need to prepare for the holiday shopping season early, but if you weren’t able to have all t’s crossed and i’s dotted by Halloween, here are three last minute tips that can help you champion the most wonderful time of the year: 1. Optimize…

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