Who is Bematech & Global Presence

Bematech is a leading commercial automation company, delivering POS and KDS hardware, solutions, services and training to increase efficiency in the Retail and Hospitality industries. With offices around the globe, Bematech provides the world with leading business automation systems.

Bematech has over three decades of Point of Sale expertise in the United States with a global presence covering over 37 countries.  Bematech prides itself on providing complete hardware and software solutions to meet your POS and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) needs. The company offers top-notch manufacturing, warehouse and technical support within the United States. Bematech is a one stop shop servicing a wide range of customers from SMB to enterprise businesses. Providing tailored POS solutions to help automate your business and increase your bottom line.

International Division Overview

Logic Controls was established in 1982 and is a leading US-based hardware provider of Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), All-in-One systems, retail hardened computers, and Point of Sale peripherals. By delivering high performance products with exceptional reliability, functional flexibility, and versatility, Logic Controls built a solid industry reputation in retail and hospitality industries. For the past 28 years, Logic Controls single-source hardware solutions has advanced the operating process and enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness for over 5,600 businesses. As Bematech’s business continued to grow in Latin America, the company began seeking opportunities to expand their market share in North America. Logic Controls had already established themselves a well-received reputation for their Point of Sale and Kitchen Display System hardware solutions in the early nineties. The Logic Controls acquisition in 2009 enabled Bematech to expand their footprint and become a global leader in both the Retail and Hospitality industries.


Revolutionize businesses by providing smart solutions to the Hospitality and Retail industries.


Maximize business efficiency by providing the best Point of Sale and Kitchen Display System solutions to SMB worldwide.

Our Values

  • Automation: Time efficient and cost effective solutions to automate business processes.
  • Excellence: Quality service and product support delivered to every Bematech solution customer.
  • Collaboration: Partnerships with key businesses to provide total system solutions across every vertical.

Our History

Marcel Martins Malczewski and Wolney Edirley Gonçalves Betiol develop a project related to matrix printer systems;
Founding of the Company within Incubadora Tecnológica de Curitiba (“INTEC”);
The Company received support from a group of investors that transformed Bematech into a private corporation and initiated the implementation of its corporate governance model by creating a board of directors;
Bematech began a long cycle of growth and began having its financial statements audited by an external audit firm. The Company entered into a supply contract with a large Brazilian company to provide a large order of mini-printers;
Bematech began selling its mini-printers in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) regime;
The Company created a special sales force consisting of branches, software developers and providers of technical services;
Bematech issued debentures convertible into shares that were totally subscribed by BNDESPar;
The Company created the program Bematech software partners (“BSP”) in order to give technical and marketing support to developers of software for retail applications;
BNDESPar converted its debentures into shares and transferred these to Brazil 21, which was founded with capital provided by BNDESPar and is managed by Dynamo Venture Capital;
Bematech amended its bylaws and its shareholder agreement to adopt certain corporate governance practices required by the Novo Mercado of Bovespa, resulting in: (i) the amendment of the composition of its board of directors and the inclusion of an independent director; (ii) the authorization of tag along rights for all of its shareholders, creating equal protections for all shareholders in cases of change of control; and (iii) the stipulation that conflicts are to be resolved through arbitration;
The Company supplied 75,000 printers to the electronics factory winning the bid of the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral Brasileiro;
The Company created Bematech University;
Bematech developed Plan 2007 aiming at transforming its company into a “one-stop-shop” able to provide integrated solutions for retail;
The Company launched the program Bematech Varejo Total (“BVT”), broadened the program Bematech Software Partners and implemented the program Bematech Mais Valor. Additionally, Bematech acquired the total capital stock of GEMCO and 51% of the capital stock of GSR7, consolidating its position as a complete solutions provider;
In February 2007, the Company acquired the remaining 49% of capital stock of GSR7, except for five shares. In April, the Company made the IPO, with gross proceeds of R$270.0 million;
Acquired W2M, a supplier of applications for retail solutions. It purchased Logic Controls, a U.S. company specialized in the development of automation equipment for the hospitality segment; and MisterChef and Snack Control, Brazilian food service market leaders. It also acquired control of CMNet, a leader in hotel management systems market;
Merged the acquired companies, improved its distribution system and strengthened the international area. At the end of the year, a new CEO was named to take over command of Bematech;
Launched a new brand, strengthening its positioning as a provider of complete technology solutions for the retail sector. Its portfolio was expanded through hardware launches, while the consolidation of infrastructure led to significant productivity and efficiency gains in the software division. It was named as the Top 10 company in the retail automation market worldwide (Analysis : Mercado POS)
The company initiated a restructuring process that focused on improving employee qualifications and generating value, while retaining its strategic vision;
It began a process to transform the company into a more market oriented organization. It acquired the remaining 49% of CMNet and continued to implement its strategy of offering retailers end-to-end solutions, with a special focus on innovation and technology. This year also saw an improvement in Company profits and an improved company share price;
In 2013, the Company focused on the integration of hardware, software and services, by selling a complete solution and materialized the change of focus, from product to market. Investments in research and development brought new solutions to the market. In addition, the architecture was structured to absorb the companies acquired in the past, ending a cycle of improving the integration model and the capture of synergies. Again, 2013 was marked by the Company’s improved profitability and appreciation its stocks;
In 2014, Bematech concluded the phases required to be in conformity with the new business model, migrating from a hardware, software and services provider, focused on product, to a complete and innovative technological solutions provider to the Retail, Food Service and Hospitality vertical segments, concerned with the market. The Company resumed the M&A market with two well-structured operations, which allowed to expand the market in the Hospitality vertical segment, with the acquisition of RJ Participações and acquire cutting-edge technology to integrate the point-of-sale with clients’ back office through the acquisition of UNUM Tecnologia;
Bematech is acquired by TOTVS. The merge between Bematech and TOTVS is based on one important goal: providing excellent service for their clients. With the approval from The Brazilian Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE), the two players now form the largest and most complete retail business solution provider in Brazil. The retail sector is one of the largest in the Brazilian economy, accounting for more than 50% of the 4.6 million businesses in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE);