Help Customers Achieve Business Growth Goals

Industry Insight - May 29, 2014

At Bematech, we understand your customers’ desire to grow their business. We also know that it often comes down to the old saying that “it takes money to make money.” We have partnered with the PCC lending institution to provide private label funding to end users who may have special roll outs or need additional funding to promote growth within their company. If you are a reseller, this is an excellent opportunity to help strengthen your customers’ growth potential.

Here are some of the excellent benefits of financing through Bematech:

  • Financing: We can provide funding for all types of businesses, from start-up companies to Fortune 500s.
  • Dedicated Resources: We want you to focus on your business and help you close more opportunities. Think of us as an extension of your sales team.
  • High Approval Ratios: We want to work every opportunity to its fullest extent to earn you more. We can also handle start-ups and software-only packages.
  • One Stop Source: Financing is available for all business needs from hardware, software, peripherals, service and more.
  • Flexible Lease Options: We will offer more than standard monthly payment options. Customers can choose what best fits their business needs from seasonal and step to deferral payments, which are all available upon request.
  • Simple Process: All you need to do is provide basic customer information and we do the rest.
  • Increased Sales: On average, leasing increases a purchase sale, meaning customers get more. Leasing also gives you a vehicle to bundle in high margin ticket items like service agreements – and roll them into one low monthly payment.

Bematech financing also provides an online payment calculator which allows resellers to calculate the monthly repayment rate for the customer, based on the amount of the loan and terms desired.

Questions or applications should be directed to Bematech Financing Department: Mark Dunn at, 315-735-8970 or Paul Casinelli at 1-888-233-4631, 314-233-4002. Fax 800-248-4348