Mobile Ordering: There’s A New App for That

Industry Insight - April 1, 2014

BePoz POSMobile ordering has become popular in a variety of industries. Consumers and professionals alike are looking to their smartphones and mobile devices to complete tasks and make payments with ease. Mobile ordering in the hospitality industry allows restaurants to enhance the functionality of their traditional point of sale (POS) and kitchen display system.

Bematech’s partnership with BePoz, an innovative developer and vendor of point of sale software, is opening new doors on the mobile ordering front. What sets Bematech’s mobile ordering solution apart from others on the market is its direct communication between the customer and the kitchen – and then back to the customer with a notification upon order completion.

Bematech’s LS6000 Kitchen Controller and KB1700 Kitchen Bump Bar have been certified by BePoz for use with their restaurant ordering application. Bematech is now able to offer an advanced software option that seamlessly integrates with their hardware.

Together, Bematech hardware and BePoz software allow customers to send their order from any mobile device directly to the restaurant’s POS system, which then automatically sends the order to the kitchen display system for immediate preparation. Unlike other online ordering applications that may require an employee to printing out the order and delivering it to the kitchen themselves, the solution is 100 percent automated.

As mentioned, the communication is two-way: customer to kitchen and kitchen to customer. The customer is automatically notified when their order is completed, bumped off the kitchen screen and ready for pickup.
Bematech’s mobile ordering solution allows restaurateurs to recognize real business benefits. With fewer POS terminals less employees are needed at the front counter to accommodate large crowds, service can be streamlined and employees to serve more tables. And on the customer’s side, they can receive their pick-up notification from anywhere – eliminating the need for a congested, chaotic waiting area. The solution also works to improve order accuracy, as customers can input their own orders.

The solution can be integrated with any existing restaurant POS structure. It is ideal in restaurants that offer to-go orders, as well as amusement park, campus and stadium settings.

BePoz software is capable of managing anywhere between one store to 50,000 locations and can accommodate multiple languages, currencies and tax structures. It also allows users to enhance their POS functionalities with add-on options such as cloud and on-premise deployment, fixed station terminals, industrial handhelds, printers, scanners, scales and more.