The Ultimate Kitchen Solution, Bematech’s LS6000 Logic eNet Controller

Industry Insight - October 16, 2013

KMS_LS6000Bematech offers the hospitality industry leading hardware solutions for Kitchen Display Systems.  The LS6000 Kitchen Controller is one of the most cost-effective units that will aid in kitchen automation. The unit is designed to function in the most demanding kitchen environments.  The LS6000’s compact form factor and mounting tabs enable these modules to be installed almost anywhere. There are no internal moving parts, which eliminates the likelihood of failure due to overheating. The unit also does not require an Operating System(OS) to function, which helps keep costs down.  The unit requires very little maintenance and restaurateurs will not need to worry about updating the OS in each of the controllers. Over time this will save a business a great deal of time and money. The use of this controller also eliminates the need for a kitchen printer and it consumes less than 1.5 watts of power, which will save a business a significant amount of resources over time as well. No additional hardware is required for the LS6000 module to communicate with peripheral devices. Upgrading LS6000 for enhanced functionality is easy to do with remote downloadable firmware available on the Bematech website, The Logic eNet solution is supported by over 20 software partners.  For a complete list of software partners visit the Bematech Partner page here.

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