GiftLogic Integrates with Multimedia LCD Pole Display, Bematech LV3000

Industry Insight, Tech Tips - October 27, 2013

by C.Stewart

GiftLogic, a point-of-sale software developer that caters to retailers across America, recently added support for Logic Controls’ dynamic LCD pole display. Pole displays are customer facing screens on a pole near the checkout that show customers their orders as they are being rung up by the cashier. Not only do these displays show the items just scanned and their prices, they can also show promotions, special offers, and calls to action such as “Ask about our military discount.”

The Logic Controls/Bematech LV3000U is the latest customer-facing pole display that GiftLogic makes available to its customers. The 7-inch color LCD monitor delivers attractive multimedia messages. According to a GiftLogic spokesperson, “With this enhanced visual display, in-store promotions are now a powerful tool for main street businesses across America.”

With its crystal clear display, the LCD pole display is perfect for showcasing new products, announcing special events, prompting add-on sales, and confirming change due. The spokesperson also said that merchants can use the pole display to initiate conversations with customers. “Because the dynamic pole display integrates with GiftLogic POS, retailers can create, implement, and manage in-store campaigns from within the software. There’s no complicated system to learn, yet this option puts big box store promotions within a small retailer’s easy reach.”

The Logic Controls/Bematech LV3000U weighs just 1.1 pounds and measures 7.56 inches by 4.53 inches by 1.36 inches. The unit offers customizable height, adjustable viewing angles and connects with a USB interface. To learn more about this GiftLogic solution, visit their website here.

About GiftLogic

GiftLogic POS software is designed as a cash register and store management solution for retailers and shop owners. GiftLogic POS software along with the GiftLogic hardware bundle provides retailers with technology that streamlines checkout and empowers management to make smarter decisions. Optional features such as consignment, gift registry, and QuickBooks Integration further enhance GiftLogic POS, allowing retailers to pick and choose the features that make the most sense for their businesses.