New Three-Restaurant Complex with Kitchen Powered by Bematech

Case Studies - February 2, 2017

Evanston is a city located just north of Chicago Illinois, home to Northwestern University and is the world’s headquarters of Rotary International.  Catering to Evanston’s diverse population is a new three-restaurant complex housing two familiar Evanston restaurants; LuLus and Taco Diablo and something new, Five and Dime. LuLu’s serves Asian fare including Japanese, Chinese, Thai & Korean staples. Taco Diablo dishes out Mexican favorites including tacos and memorable margaritas.  Five-and-Dime is a rooftop bar and grill serving traditional American fare with outdoor seating and additional seating indoors for inclement weather.

IMG_1792LuLu’s and Taco Diablo are located downstairs and share a kitchen while Five and Dime has its own kitchen upstairs.  Total POS Systems, a unique organization delivering advanced restaurant solutions to small and large independent businesses, was brought in to evaluate the restaurants Point-of-Sale needs and recommend a solution that would fit this complex setup.  The restaurant owner needed each front of house Point-of-Sale system to be able to communicate with the appropriate Kitchen Display System.  Total POS Systems recommended Bematech KDS and moved forward with installing Bematech’s LS6100 controller and KB1700 bump bar.


Bematech KDS manager software powers the LS6100 which has a routing feature that only needs to be set up once in the back office.  After the initial setup has been completed, orders automatically get assigned to the correct kitchen station by the front of the house POS system. One of the stronger features of the system is the ability to assign a backup kitchen station. This alleviates stress for cooks, should there be a system failure.  With a backup system set up, the station will get an automatic message telling it to circumvent the failing station and move over to an existing station that is functioning properly.  Cooks from all three restaurants were impressed to see just how easily Bematech’s Kitchen Display System was able to accurately deliver orders to the correct kitchen.


About Bematech
Bematech by TOTVS has over three decades of expertise in the United States with a wide distribution network that covers over 500,000 points of sale in 37 countries. The company operates four R&D excellence centers, with over 1,200 professionals in Brazil, China, Taiwan, United States, and Argentina. Comprehensive customer service and technical support based in the United States. Bematech prides itself on being a knowledge based leader in the industry offering complete and customizable POS bundles including All-in-Ones, kitchen display systems, cash drawers, scanners, printers, touch monitors, customer displays and more.

About Total POS Systems
Total POS Systems is a unique organization delivering advanced Restaurant Solutions to small and large independent businesses. We have been involved in the Point of Sale industry for over 15 years and can cater to all your point of sale requirements. Our comprehensive software solutions for restaurants will provide you with all the support you wish from a point of sale package. We also provide hardware ranging from a wide array of printers to scanners and even servers. We Install and configure all of the necessary hardware and software for your business and provide you with all the necessary training for you and your staff so that the implementation of your pos system will be a smooth transition.