Bemacash and Southwest POS Save the Day When Previous Point-of-Sale Provider Disappears

Case Studies - May 17, 2016

Al AzayemAl Azayem Restaurant is a cornerstone in the community of El Cajon in Southern California, known for its modern interpretation of classic ethnic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. The restaurant has been recognized for its outstanding Middle Eastern cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Al Azayem Restaurant offers delicious dine in, takeout, catering and delivery in El Cajon.  The restaurant is set up for table-service, but is also small enough that patrons can walk-up to the cashier station to pay their bill.

Al Azayem management ran into an unfortunate and sadly somewhat common issue with some fly by night Point-of-Sale (POS) providers when their previous POS system could no longer be programmed due to the original dealership disappearing.  Being left with no support or options, Al Azayem reached out to Southwest POS, a trusted POS reseller and integrator since 1975.  They recommended Bemacash by Bematech for its complete Android hardware and software solution allowing for a very easy platform to set up and operate.  There was a slight language barrier throughout this project however it was eased by the intuitive programming and management functions of the Bemacash solution.

“The ease of use, cash-control, monthly sales reports and availability of a trusted partner were the benefits which secured the deal.” Stated Marc, General Manager and SVP of Southwest POS. The installation included a SB8010AW All-in-One terminal with customer facing display, CD330S cash drawer and LR2000 printer.  Eager to explore their new POS features the Al Azayem management team jumped right into working with the solution after installation was complete.  They were even able to go into the system and setup button color and category icons without any instruction because of the intuitive design of the solution.  By providing a long standing track record of quality service and solutions Southwest POS and Bematech gave the Al Azayem team the confidence they needed to focus on the growth of their business without being bogged down by daily POS issues or the worry that their service provider would suddenly become inaccessible.  Al Azayem Restaurant can now move forward confidently, serving fast and fresh food to the community they love.

About Bematech
Bematech by TOTVS has over three decades of expertise in the United States with a wide distribution network that covers over 500,000 points of sale in 37 countries. The company operates four R&D excellence centers, with over 1,200 professionals in Brazil, China, Taiwan, United States, and Argentina. Comprehensive customer service and technical support based in the United States. Bematech prides itself on being a knowledge based leader in the industry offering complete and customizable POS bundles including All-in-Ones, kitchen display systems, cash drawers, scanners, printers, touch monitors, customer displays and more.

About Southwest POS

Since 1975, Southwest POS has been selling, installing, servicing and supporting POS systems throughout the Southwest U.S. As an independent reseller and system integrator, we select the finest Point-Of-Sale software, hardware and services available and use them to create the best possible solution for your enterprise. We use new technology to solve the problems encountered by every retailer: keeping your customers, getting all your money and reducing resources while staying profitable.