Kashin123, the Perfect Point of Sale for Fixx Wireless

Case Studies - September 15, 2015

11143395_637514656380638_2893187429091142116_nFixx Wireless has been in the same location in Coral Gables Florida for over a decade.  The store has recently been completely remodeled, into a bright, friendly Simply Prepaid branded location. Fixx Wireless’ team is made up of friendly staff whom speak many languages including; English, Spanish, Arabic, and French and offers a large range of services from T-mobile, Go Smart, Univision, and Ultra mobile prepaid products. What makes this store unique is their ability to also repair cell phones, computers, tablets, iPads and gaming systems.  Since the team offers such a wide variety of services, they needed a point of sale system that could meet all of their specific requirements from prepaid cards to phone activation and more.  They chose Kashin123 which is a full cloud based point of sale hardware and software solution distributed by Blackstone using “white labeled” Bematech hardware with embedded Android software.

The Kashin123 Plus bundle installed in the store included: Bematech cash drawer, printer, scanner and an All-in-One tablet.  Some of the pain points that Fixx Wireless experienced with their previous point of sale system were; a WiFi tablet that would disconnect on a regular basis causing frustrations and delays when trying to complete transactions with customers, and not having the ability to print receipts that included product serial numbers.  Felix, the store manager stated, “The Kashin123 solution is very straightforward and easy for us to use.  It is also intuitive for new employees, which makes training less time consuming than with our old system.”  Kashin123 even has the ability to process orders when working offline. If internet connection becomes lost the software will record all data on hardware device and send to the cloud once internet access is restored so the store won’t experience downtime.  The wireless scanner makes it simple to scan and import inventory right to the All-in-One.  Employees can easily see inventory on the dashboard in the front of the house which gives them the ability to instantly tell the customer what they have available without having to check in the back.  They also like the ability to put orders on hold and print receipts with serial numbers which makes for simple returns and warranty lookup when necessary. Overall, Kashin123 has improved productivity and efficiency throughout the store and has allowed Fixx Wireless to grow their business.

About Bematech
Bematech has over three decades of expertise in the United States with a wide distribution network that covers over 500,000 points of sale in 37 countries. The company operates four R&D excellence centers, with over 1,200 professionals in Brazil, China, Taiwan, United States, and Argentina. Comprehensive customer service and technical support based in the United States. Bematech prides itself on being a knowledge based leader in the industry offering complete and customizable POS bundles including All-in-Ones, kitchen display systems, cash drawers, scanners, printers, touch monitors, customer displays and more. www.bematechus.com

About Blackstone Merchant Services
Blackstone Merchant Services, Inc. (“BMS”) is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA and various auxiliary payment organizations, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover networks. BMS combines certified software for the sale of prepaid products and payment processing. For over 15 years, BMS successfully managed its extensive network of clients through in-house underwriting, customer and technical support, technology and software development, category management and sales & marketing to ensure low processing rates with top tier customer service.  www.blackstonemerchant.com

About Fixx Wireless
Fixx Wireless, LLC is a company that specializes in all smartphone repair and unlocking services. We repair all generation iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola, and Andriod phones. In addition we repair Tablets, Laptops, PC, and TV’s. At Fixx Wireless we are committed and proud of creating the ultimate customer service experience with every customer. We have over nine years of experience in customer service and cell phone repair. Fixx Wireless welcomes you to visit our beautiful and centrally located Repair Center. www.fixxwireless.com