Victory Taste Selects Winning Business Automation Solutions

Case Studies - November 7, 2013

The Moscow retail market welcomed a new chain of retail stores, Victory Taste. The grand opening was held on September 10th in Krasnoproletarskaya, Russia.VictoryTaste4

The new store, located in a residential area right outside of the city center, immediately attracted the attention of many local patrons. The variety of products and quality brands on the shelves at Victory Taste could satisfy even the most spoiled consumers. Its comfortable environment and excellent service makes it nearly impossible for customers to leave the store empty-handed.

At Victory Taste, goods appeal to both upper class consumers and the general public. Pricing strategies have been carefully designed and include a customer loyalty program as well as discounts for senior citizens. The commodities available in these stores are sold at established “social prices,” with regards to economic variables.

A crucial factor when opening any new business is the selection of point of sale equipment. It was important to carefully consider the appearance and functionality of the solution at the front counter, being that it is the final service experience a customer has during their visit. It is essential that a consumer has a positive experience during checkout. Not only should it be pleasant, but also efficient.

VictoryTaste3The POS system chosen was Bematech’s SB9015D with a second monitor to be used as a customer display. The most significant advantage is the touch screen terminal, which simplifies and speeds up data entry.  It also eliminates the need for a keyboard, saving counter space.

Victory Taste opted for the Datalogic Magellan 800i barcode scanner because of its superior reading performance. It recognizes all standard linear and 2D codes and can be used in presentation and manual modes.

Additionally, for inventory management, we selected the Datalogic QuickScan Lite handheld barcode scanner and the TSC TDP- 225 label printer.

Our service partners include a group of companies called MAYKOR. Having extensive experience in the automation of various size retail outlets, the company’s specialists offer top solutions with proven performance.

Each piece of equipment was carefully selected based on reliability, functionality, appearance and ergonomics.

The business will benefit from the following:VictoryTaste1

• Presentable appearance of cash register area

• High speed performance to minimize check out times

• Hardware and software components that are easy to operate

It is Victory Taste’s plan to open 5 to 7 outlets within the next two years, using the same POS solution as their original location.

Store manager Sergazina Lyudmila said, “Of course, when you open a new store, [you’re] faced with certain challenges all at once. It is important to take many things into account to prevent the wrong moves. It is critical to select quality, robust POS equipment early in the planning stage to avoid problems down the road.”


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Point of Sale System, Inventory Management


POS terminal: Bematech SB9015D, Scanner: Datalogic Magellan 800i, Fiscal printer: MSTAR-TK

Scanner: Datalogic QuickScan Lite, label printer: TSC TDP- 225.

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