3 Ways Your Restaurant Merchants can Cash In on Online Ordering

Bematech Blog, Industry Insight - January 2, 2020

Cash in on online orderingToday, on average, 60% of US consumers order delivery or takeout at least once per week. A majority of these orders are placed online, which showcases the sheer prevalence of online ordering. As more and more people turn to digital alternatives, restaurants need to be able to reach customers where they are—online.

It’s clear that online ordering holds no insignificant amount of value for restaurant owners. As a VAR, it’s important that you can demonstrate this value to your customers so they, and you, can cash in on online ordering. Here are a few ways to do this:


Leverage the Power of an Open Platform

With an open source platform, your merchants can customize their systems—in this case, online ordering—according to their own desired features and needs. Because restaurants can adapt and change it to best fit their needs, it leaves a lot of room for advancements with your online ordering platform.

Open platforms make it easy to customize these systems for seamless integration with the critical business systems that merchants use every day, like CRM and accounting software. This makes keeping track of business operations easier than ever, and reduces errors that stem from duplicate data entry.

Turn to Popular Consumer Apps

Your merchants may have established relationships with loyal customers, but are looking to expand their customer base and bring in new ones. Luckily, restaurant owners can leverage third-party delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates, which all have dedicated user bases and can help customers discover new restaurants.

These apps, though they charge small fees, help cut down on expenses for the restaurant owner by saving on delivery drivers, vehicles, insurance, and more. All of these options lead to big savings and increases in revenue so your merchants can cash in on online ordering.

Set Your Merchant’s Kitchen Up for Success

While online ordering and delivery are both worthwhile endeavors, the best way to ensure merchants can cash in on online ordering is to ensure their kitchens are set up to handle these operations. A kitchen display system (KDS) is central to a productive kitchen.

These integrate with your POS to display incoming orders—both online and in-store—and prioritize them to help streamline the order preparation process. A KDS also displays critical information like modifiers, cooking instructions, and the time that it takes to prepare these orders.


Make Sure You Can Meet Merchants’ Needs

With the way the industry is headed, competition looks like it will only increase. It’s critical now that you have solid VAR/vendor partnerships with partners that keep an ear to the ground and provide the best products that help address the changing and increasing needs of clients. Once you have a trusted VAR/vendor partnership, it’s easy to supply the right technology to help launch restaurants into the digital world and ensure they can remain competitive.

Bematech offers an array of industry-leading technology solutions, like a kitchen display system, that can help your merchants implement online ordering and delivery more effectively and lead to more efficient operations. If you would like to partner with Bematech, or would like to learn more about what we offer, contact us today!