What Restaurant Success Looks Like in 2020

Bematech Blog, Industry Insight - December 10, 2019

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Restaurants play a vital role in our everyday existence. We spend our most critical moments surrounded by food—birthdays, holidays, celebrations, deaths— there isn’t a time when “Let’s grab a bite,” isn’t in some way applicable to our most basic interactions.

The upcoming trends in restaurant success don’t just affect restaurant owners and managers, but are important to us all. How else will we answer the ever-important question— “Where are we going to eat?”

Boom in Fast-Casual

The rise in popularity of the fast-casual dining experience makes sense as more people have entered the workforce, are on the move, and are spending less time at home. Fast-casual restaurants offer better tasting and more nutritious menu options compared to their traditional quick-service rivals.

The Millennial generation admits to spending about 44% of their food dollars, about $2,900 annually, on casual dining out. Why? With more of the population deciding “what’s for dinner” the same day, the health-conscious menus of fast-casual restaurants combined with convenience cater to the busy Millennial. More robust menu options at a comfortable price point, drives a sense of value these restaurants offer.

Food Delivery Will Soar

The increased availability of mobile apps and online ordering encourages diners to get the food they’re craving delivered directly to them—wherever they may be. Apps like GrubHub and UberEats make it easier than ever to get food delivery and don’t just limit you to pizza! (Not that we don’t love pizza.)

In 2020, it’s predicted that 70% of customers will order food from outside the four walls of restaurants; Millennials leading this revolution. In fact, about 74% of millennials say this is their preferred way to order food, with 61% admitting that their choice of restaurant is affected by whether or not takeout and delivery options are offered.

Staffing Becomes More Challenging

The restaurant industry has always experienced high employee turn-over and it is one of the most costly aspects of running a restaurant—at the cost of more than $2,000 per staff member. The United States has over 1 million restaurant locations with over 15.3 million employees keeping operations running, at that volume, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit, maintain, and train qualified staff for the future, particularly for back of house employees.

Technology solutions can help take some pressure off. Rely on technologies specifically designed for restaurant needs to train and implement new staff, improve communication, and loosen the burden at times when your restaurant may be understaffed.

Self-order kiosks are designed with touch screens that allow customers to place their own orders, taking stress off your staff, and improving order accuracy since they placed it themselves.

Added Benefit of Proper Restaurant Technology

In the fast-paced environment predicted for 2020, it is more critical than ever to stay up to date in your restaurant. Restaurant technology is a great start—utilizing the proper technology for your restaurant can be vital to its success.

KDS and touch monitors are key pieces to creating a unified connection between front of house and back of house communication. They enhance both staff functions and guest experience by automating the process of order entry. This improves speed and accuracy and reduces errors. Many KDS integrate with mobile and online ordering as well as in-house, for seamless service to customers inside and outside your walls.

The importance restaurants hold in our lives is not going to lessen in 2020, but the game is changing. Stay connected to future trends and equip your restaurant with the proper tools to remain a key player and prime answer to the age old question: “Where should we eat?”