What Merchants Need for Restaurant Success in 2020

Bematech Blog, Industry Insight - December 18, 2019

Restaurant success in 2020The average American dines out close to 4.5 times per week. A fast-paced lifestyle is now the norm, so it’s no surprise that people are relying more and more on restaurants for their meals. This fast pace has bled into restaurant operations, and merchants relying on outdated technology are struggling to keep up.

As we look towards 2020, industry experts are anticipating new challenges for restaurant operators. As a VAR, it’s your responsibility to provide guidance and solutions that help your customers meet these ever-increasing demands. How can you help your clients achieve restaurant success in 2020?

Here’s a look at what’s on the horizon for the upcoming year:

Increase the Popularity of Fast-Casual

Many people simply no longer have the time to sit down to a meal at a restaurant that is over an hour long. Often, customers only have a few minutes to grab a quick lunch on their break, or have to pick up something quickly on the way home from work for the family and don’t have time to cook.

Because of this lifestyle, the fast-casual concept has experienced a major boom, with many restaurants now adopting this format. In fact, 80% of the top 500 restaurant chains fall under the fast-casual category. Not only is it overall more convenient, but most cost-effective for both customers and restaurants.

Though your merchants may have a different concept for how they run their restaurants, there are many features of fast-casual restaurants that can be adopted across the hospitality industry to streamline processes.

Massive Increase in Online Ordering

Online ordering is more prevalent in fast-casual restaurants, but its popularity is increasing all-around. The internet has become such a major part of our everyday lives, so much so we are inseparable from it. People have taken to ordering our food online too.

To be successful moving towards 2020, restaurants must have an online ordering system, especially one that easily integrates with their point of sale system. Not only is it essential to the restaurants as your customer, but it is also essential to the restaurant’s customers, with 60% of consumers considering online ordering to be most important aspect of restaurant technology.

Delivery Services Change the Dining Scene

Not only is ordering food online increasingly popular, so is getting food delivered. Delivery is a staple in fast-casual restaurants, but with third-party delivery services, it is becoming more and more prevalent across all restaurant industries, and will be a key component for restaurant success in 2020.

When combined with online ordering, your merchants are able to offer ultimate conveniences to their guests to set their restaurant apart. If your clients don’t have an in-house delivery service, they can use services like Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, and UberEats

Kitchen Display Systems Tie it Together

All of these solutions will be even more effective when a kitchen display system (KDS) is integrated to streamline kitchen operations and improve communication between the front and back of house.

Helping them implement a kitchen display system can ensure success and improve restaurant management to keep up with the increase in fast-casual demand, especially helping to organize orders for dine-in, carry out, and delivery. Keeping these orders organized helps improve the speed of service and reduce order errors as well.

Tech for Success

VARs are all familiar with the idea that the right tech is essential to ensure your client’s restaurant is positioned to be successful. Your success depends on the success of your merchants, so it’s critical to offer the right technology so they can achieve restaurant success in 2020.

Bematech offers a range of restaurant hardware, including kitchen display systems that help improve restaurant operations and help business owners meet increasing customer demands. For more information on the technology we offer, contact Bematech today!