Three Ways Technology Can Improve Your Restaurant Management

Bematech Blog - October 1, 2019

blog-post1Restaurant managers have a lot to deal with behind the scenes: scheduling, inventory, reporting, evaluating performance indicators, and more. Technology can help to automate many of these processes for more effective restaurant management and stress-free operations. Point of sale (POS) solutions have evolved far beyond merely transactional functions and now offer features that boost efficiency in these key areas.

Streamline Kitchen Communications

Rather than spending time ensuring that the front and back-of-house are communicating effectively, let a kitchen display system (KDS) automate the process. These digital displays replace paper tickets (handwritten or printed out) and integrate mobile and online as well as in-house orders into the prep queue.

  • A KDS improves speed of service. Orders are transmitted instantly from the POS — no more waiting for servers to run the tickets back to the kitchen. Plus, multiple stations can view the display at once and start prepping their part, rather than waiting for a paper ticket to circulate. Faster fulfillment means more customers served per shift, which means higher revenue.
  • A KDS reduces order errors. No more lost or unreadable tickets, and any special instructions are clearly visible. For restaurant management, this means less time spent smoothing over issues between finger-pointing employees in addition to placating unhappy guests. With these solutions, you can improve both efficiency and the customer experience.

Automate Inventory

Robust inventory control is critical to restaurant operations. It can make or break your business. You don’t want to be the chicken restaurant that runs out of chicken sandwiches! Conversely, you don’t want excess quantities of less-popular items spoiling on your shelves. The right POS solution can help you make better-informed decisions about what and how much to stock, using historical sales data and ingredient usage rather than guesswork. It can also be programmed to send alerts when quantities run low, and even generate re-orders for you. You’ll minimize waste from over-stocks and reliably provide customers with the menu items they love.

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Improve Employee Management

Labor management is a huge component of overall restaurant management. The right POS solution can make these tasks easier, saving you time and money in several ways.

  • It can provide time clock functionality and streamline the scheduling process. Using historical data, it can forecast how many employees you’ll need for every shift, ensuring that you’re neither understaffed nor paying extra for overstaffing or excessive overtime.
  • It can boost accountability and help you identify top performers by assigning every transaction to a specific employee. This can reduce instances of theft and shrinkage: if employees know transactions are monitored, they’re less likely to try giving away free food to friends or skimming from the till. You’ll also be able to see who your highest earners and upsellers are, so you can schedule your best staff during peak shifts and either train or replace the underachievers.

Letting your POS and KDS systems automate operational restaurant management processes will reduce several potential causes of stress and give you more time to focus on providing the best possible customer experience.  Leveraging available technology will keep your business relevant and grow your bottom line.