Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency: What You Need to Power Your Back of House

Bematech Blog - October 24, 2019

Chef With High Burning Flames works quickly in a restaurant kitchen to increase restaurant efficiencyAs a restaurant owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs while increasing productivity for your establishment.

One of the ways in which you can do just that is to focus on your back-of-house procedures. By honing in on restaurant kitchen efficiency, you’ll be able to make everything run smoother throughout your entire business.

The following are three methods for going about enhancing restaurant kitchen efficiency, and helping you run a tighter and leaner operation overall.

Invest in a Reliable POS System

A dependable POS is essential to any restaurant’s functioning, and it certainly is part of any solid restaurant kitchen efficiency plan. It’s where the servers input orders, and printouts from the POS system or screens in the kitchen show the cooks what orders they need to make. Without a reliable POS system in place getting orders to the kitchen can be difficult, and in the case of online ordering, nearly impossible without the right system.

Think about it: A handwritten order could easily get lost, or cooks may not understand the server’s handwriting and will mess up the order, resulting in a possible loss of business or, at the very least, a damaging Yelp review. The right tools can combat this.

Integrate a Kitchen Display System

A reliable POS system should be paired with another ideal tool—the kitchen display system (KDS). The KDS is invaluable to your kitchen staff, as it provides order management that allows kitchen teams to prepare food more quickly, more accurately, and in the precise order it was received, whether it was placed in-house, online, or via an order delivery mobile app.  Your KDS system will include software as well as the following components:

Install Back-of-House Screens

Back-of-house screens are a vital component of your KDS system and give your staff the visibility they need to get the job done, aiding in optimal restaurant kitchen efficiency. These screens will display what the kitchen staff needs right in front of them to create and prep meals with the customers’ exact orders laid out. They ensure that customizations aren’t accidentally skipped.

Screens are very easy to use, especially on an iOS platform, which many people are familiar with already. There will be little to no training needed to teach kitchen and wait staff how to use these screens.

Use a Bump Bar

While bump bars are not a new piece of kitchen display hardware, they are essential to restaurant kitchen efficiency. When looking for one for your kitchen, find a fully programmable bump bar keypad with touch operations. It should have projected capacitive touch, which is better than a bump bar just with buttons. You won’t have any more sticky or broken buttons if you go with this kind of bump bar instead of a traditional one.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Restaurant

A reliable POS system, coupled with a KDS that includes back-of-house screens and a modern bump bar, is going to prove to be crucial to optimizing your restaurant management and increasing kitchen efficiency. With the right KDS in your corner, you will not only make your servers’ and cooks’ jobs easier, but you will also boost your customer satisfaction, resulting in the overall success of your establishment in no time.