How Implementing Restaurant Online Ordering is Your Meal Ticket to a Bigger Bottom Line

Bematech Blog - February 8, 2019

online-ordering-blogIt’s a well-known fact that restaurants are facing heavier competition these days, and those that succeed are the ones that innovate and adapt to revenue-driving trends. One trend that only continues to grow is that of restaurant online. Here are a few reasons why this option may be right for your business:

The Solution to a Flat Traffic Environment

When a restaurant starts to experience a flat traffic environment, it is often a great source of stress for the owner. While it isn’t necessarily a sign of impending doom, it does signal that some changes need to be made in order to decrease waste and increase revenue. One of the most popular and on-trend solutions is the incorporation of restaurant online ordering.

According to the NDP group, digital orders are a continued source of growth in a flat-traffic environment. What’s more? They’re expected to continue growing at a rapid rate.

Beyond increasing the number of orders coming in, restaurant online ordering also increases the size of the orders themselves. According to National Restaurant News, online ordering helps increase sales – digital orders are on average $4 more than non-digital orders.

Improved Order Accuracy

Inaccurate orders can create significant waste in a restaurant. Often times, when one person is dictating their order and another is entering it in, details can be lost. This is largely because it is challenging to focus on inputting an order while listening to details at the same time.

With online ordering, customers input their own orders and are able to review them before purchasing. They can make changes or modifications to any order, as well as provide notes or direction to the kitchen for how they would like to have their order prepared. This gives them complete control over the process. As long as your online ordering system integrates directly into your POS, which sends them directly to your kitchen display system (KDS significantly reduces the risk of order errors.

Expanded Customer Base

It’s well-known that millennials and Gen-Z are driving restaurant trends. In order to stay competitive and relevant, you need to adapt your operation to suit their preferences. According to restaurant business online, when Millennials order from restaurants, they are dining in just 42% of the time. Other restaurant orders are from takeout (40%) and delivery (19%).

Knowing this key data, it suffices to say that restaurant online ordering options are a major factor in determining whether a business will stay relevant. Millennials are often busy, with little time to spend sitting down at a restaurant, and even less time to cook. They will often go for the most convenient option, and order their food online.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

Whether your restaurant is experiencing any sort of slowdown, or you are looking to grow your business more, you need to know the key strategies to increase your bottom line. Restaurant online ordering does this in a number of ways, and has been proven to be a valuable revenue-driving strategy that reaches the key demographics that will soon have a majority of purchasing power.

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