Was your Restaurant Speed of Service Efficient Enough for the Holidays?

Bematech Blog - December 27, 2018

Waiter serving tasty dishes at restaurant working to provide increased restaurant speed of service.If you found yourself feeling disappointed about how your restaurant performed during the busy holiday season, don’t stress. The holidays can be a tricky time to maintain an efficient and profitable restaurant speed of service if you aren’t armed with the proper technology. Here are some of the most common holiday hiccups below, along with a solution for each to ensure your business is prepared for success throughout the season.

Problem: New employees struggling to keep up

Solution: A POS system that’s built for an easy user experience

To keep up with the crowds, many restaurants hire extra staff to assist with the added demand during the holiday seasons. However, even though you’re hiring staff to maintain your restaurant’s speed of service, sometimes these new hires can create bottlenecks, and it can be a time-consuming (and expensive) process to get them up to speed.

An easy way to reduce new hire ramp-up time is to implement easy-to-use technology solutions. Intuitive point of sale (POS) and kitchen display systems (KDS) are easier to learn, reducing the need for extensive system training, so new employees can jump right in.

Problem: Ingredients for popular menu choices are out of stock

Solution: Accurate inventory management system

Did your restaurant run out of ingredients for popular dishes this holiday season? This can be a costly mistake—it could mean a hit on your current sales, plus it could reduce patrons’ willingness to return to your restaurant.

In order to resolve this issue and create faster restaurant speed of service, you need to implement an accurate inventory management system. Thankfully there are tech solutions to make the inventory management process smoother. The proper POS system will give you more visibility into current inventory levels. With a real-time snapshot of which ingredients are getting low, you’ll be able to quickly react before an outage occurs. Plus, it has features that will give you insight on which menu items are most popular and  the profitability of menu items. In addition,  you can use past data to forecast required inventory for holidays, weekends, or special events.

Problem: Long wait times

Solution: Mobile point of sale

Long wait times are a major deterrent for potential customers, but bigger crowds don’t necessary have  to mean longer wait times. Implement mobile POS (mPOS) to create greater efficiencies in the ordering and payment processes and turn tables faster. mPOS eliminates double order entry, where the wait staff writes down the order at the table, then reenters it at a stationary POS terminal. Wiping out this added step will improve restaurant speed of service and improve accuracy.

mPOS can also allow customers to place their own orders at the table and to pay at the table—without having to wait in line or find their server to finish a transaction.

Problem: Lost or inaccurate orders

Solution: A KDS solution

During a huge dinner rush, you may have accidentally lost or messed up customer orders. Not only is this a costly error, you may have you hurt the customer-restaurant relationship. This is a huge hit to your restaurant speed of service, but this issue can be reduced with a KDS solution. KDS improves communication between front of house and back of house staff. It eliminates paper tickets, which can easily fall or get lost in the bustle of the kitchen. KDS allows for a more efficient view of orders, because it sequences them in the order of preparation.

The Takeaway:

If the holidays had you and your staff flustered, don’t stress. Start fresh this year with the right technology to improve your restaurant speed of service, increase efficiency, and boost sales in 2019. Contact Bematech to learn more about the products that can help your business.