5 Things to Consider Before Integrating KDS Software to Your Restaurant Back of House

Bematech Blog - September 10, 2018

A hand demonstrating the concept of using a kitchen display system that integrates with an Android tablet POS system to streamline restaurant back of house processes.For small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners of a restaurant, implementing new technology into the current infrastructure is a big decision. Not only are there upfront costs, training, and maintenance to consider, but also the unknown variable of how a new technology will work with current technology.  When it comes to kitchen management, having the right technology to integrate front and back of house processes can streamline operations, providing a better customer experience while increasing your bottom line. Here’s what to look for when considering adding kitchen display system (KDS) software to your restaurant back of house:

1. Time Required to “Go-Live”

Anybody in the restaurant industry knows very well that time is of the essence, and implementing a new system into your front and back of house operations can cause a delay in productivity, affecting both your employees and your customers.

The right KDS software should be able to fully integrate with your existing POS system quickly and should be installed on the same computer as your POS. The language should be intuitive and simple, so that training your employees takes very little time, and POS orders currently being sent to physical printers can quickly adjust to support the new software.

2. Seamless Integration

Speaking of integrating, you want to make sure the software can easily integrate into a number of systems to take more than just front of house orders. As online and mobile grow in popularity, more and more restaurant goers are using the web to conveniently place orders. The increased use of third party vendors and platforms to take orders from custom apps or websites means that your KDS needs to be capable of easily sending those to the back of house staff.

3. Increased Functionality

In order to get the most out of your KDS, there are basic functions it should have depending on your needs. However, to bring your business the best value, look for a KDS with state-of-the-art capabilities including:

  • Advanced display functions and workflow monitoring to improve order preparation efficiency and accuracy.
  • Remote Monitoring to ensure back of house operations are running smoothly during all business hours.
  • Secondary Backup Station to allow for continuous flow of the order process even if a hardware failure occurs.

4. Actionable Insight

One of the many benefits of a KDS is that you will be able to monitor back of house operations more closely, and a large component of that is reporting. With KDS reporting, you will gain better visibility into the workflow of your kitchen and the success of order fulfillment. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make critical decisions that improve your business.

The right KDS software should have robust reporting, which you can access from anywhere, even in offline mode. The detailed reporting provided should include a variety of back of house information such as total order count, average order number per time slot, and average preparation time. You should also be able to break these numbers down per station and per time period.

5. New Development

The last thing you want is to spend hard-earned money on a new KDS, only to have it become obsolete after a few years. Your system should be future proof; meaning that your solution provider continues development as technology advances, and can upgrade your back of house software to incorporate the latest developments.

Restaurant technology continues to improve, and developers and providers alike are working to anticipate the advancements that the industry can achieve. So what does the kitchen of tomorrow look like? Expect to see advancements that include custom geo-localization, devices that can be controlled with smart watches, and a wider array of touchscreen gestures.

Bematech offers the restaurant technology that helps grow your business today and in the future. Learn more about our KitchenGo KDS System Line. Request a demo today.