How a KDS for Your Android Tablet POS System Saves Money in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Bematech Blog - June 25, 2018

A hand demonstrating the concept of using a kitchen display system for an Android tablet POS systemMany restaurants have opted for the affordability, flexibility, and customization that an Android tablet Point of Sale (POS) system brings to their operations. But when coupled with a kitchen display system (KDS), your Android POS becomes a valuable tool that can both grow your business and save money in your restaurant kitchen. Here’s how:

1. Accurate Kitchen Orders

A KDS works with your Android tablet POS system and replaces the kitchen printer and paper tickets. It greatly improves the accuracy of orders, because it eliminates mistakes caused by paper tickets getting lost, being shuffled out of order, or having smudges or unreadable handwriting. Accurate orders mean happy customers who are more likely to repeat the experience (and tell their friends), increasing your revenue.

2. Simplified Cooking Process

The KDS screen presents a clear picture of all orders, bringing better visibility to the food prep process. Each station can see exactly how much food to prep across all tables and exiting orders at one time. Staff can manage prep timing so that all food arrives hot to the table and no one in a party is left waiting. Streamlining processes and getting orders out more efficiently leads to faster table turnovers and increased profit potential.

3. Streamlined Workflows

Adding a KDS to your Android tablet POS system greatly improves communications between your kitchen and wait staff, enabling them to create a more satisfactory customer experience. Besides ensuring order accuracy, a KDS sends instant alerts to wait staff when meals are fulfilled and ready to serve. It also sends notifications when orders have not been completed, so managers can spot potential problems. Tracking prep and fulfillment times as well as average order counts per time slot enables your business to schedule labor more efficiently (your best workers at your busiest times) and more profitably.

4. Reduced Waste

Orders that are incorrect, or that arrive to the table cold or too late, not only create unhappy customers but also result in food going into the trash. Using a KDS and Android tablet POS system cuts down this cause of wasted inventory/shrinkage for your business. Eliminating printers and paper tickets also greatly reduces paper waste as well as the costs of ink, paper, and printer maintenance.  You can improve your restaurant’s environmental footprint and your bottom line

5. Durability

In a busy kitchen, there will be steam, splatters, and the occasional spill, in addition to the many touch operations performed each shift. Temperatures can range from the heat of being near the grill to the chill of being near the meat locker. You need hardware that is rugged enough to handle the demands of a commercial food-service environment.

Bematech offers innovative KitchenGo systems that are a total solution for more rugged environments and help you grow your business as well as enhance the customer experience. Recommended for Android tablet POS systems, KitchenGo premium software suite is a next-gen system that provides state-of-the-art routing, control, and visibility. Contact Bematech to schedule a demo today!