Choosing the Right KDS Software for iPad POS

Bematech Blog - May 21, 2018

Concentrated young female chef using KDS software for iPad POS while cutting vegetables in the kitchenIf your restaurant’s busy kitchen is still using paper tickets (handwritten or printouts), it’s time to upgrade to a kitchen display system (KDS). If you’ve already gone mobile with your point of sale (POS) system using iPads, you know that the Apple iOS platform is an ideal choice for restaurant technology. It offers a scalable tool that can grow with your business. Integrating your iPad POS with KDS software will provide your business with even more kitchen efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the overall customer experience. When choosing KDS software for iPad POS, answer these four questions to make the best decision for your business:

1. Does it feature a seamless user interface design?

Does it align with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines? These guidelines cover key design principles such as aesthetic integrity, consistency, and user control. Choosing KDS software specifically developed according to these guidelines will provide the optimal user experience.

2. How quick and easy is it to learn?

An effective user interface also contributes to the ease with which employees can learn the system. Features such as intuitive navigation allow quick and easy training, which can save your restaurant time and money — particularly since the industry has high employee turnover rates.

In addition, since many employees (especially the millennial workforce) are already familiar with Apple iOS on consumer devices, they will adapt quickly and most likely prefer using it in the work environment.

3. Does it make communication simple?

Communication between front and back of house is crucial to efficient operations and good customer service. KDS software for iPad POS can facilitate communication by offering features such as an easy-to-read, configurable order display with a filter view to sort and prioritize orders based on status or destination. Preparation times can be monitored for maximum efficiency. Notifications of order changes or ticket fulfillments are passed between kitchen staff and servers instantly. Good communication leads to prompt and accurate order fulfillment, resulting in happy customers, faster table turnovers, and greater profits.

With KDS software, communication not only becomes more effective but also reduces waste. Paper waste from tickets is largely eliminated, and with the increased accuracy a KDS provides, food waste from incorrect orders being sent back is reduced as well.

4. Is the vendor committed to innovation?

Apple has been primarily a hardware provider of cutting-edge consumer products. Now they are bringing their innovations to the enterprise world. When choosing a provider of KDS software for iPad POS, look for one that has built a relationship with Apple. A provider that Apple has chosen to partner with, such as Bematech, will be able to better leverage their KDS software to continue offering your restaurant Apple’s latest innovations in technology. For example, what might the future hold for KDS with voice activation like Siri?

Bematech’s KitchenGo allee, part of the KitchenGo Solution, is the first independent KDS software developed on the iOS platform. It is ideal for use with the iPad Pro. Learn more about how allee is your “go-to” ally in the kitchen, and let Bematech’s experienced staff help you find and demo the right solution for your operation.