KDS: A Necessary Ingredient for Restaurant Success

Bematech Blog - April 25, 2018

“Ingredients, like this spaghetti tomatoes basil oil and garlic, are important for great menu items, just like a kitchen display system is important to restaurant success”.


Successful restaurant operators look for the best ingredients so they can serve great menu items. A restaurants’ potential for success, however, also depends on the right technology “ingredients” that make operations efficient and contribute to a healthy bottom line. A kitchen display system falls into that category because of the benefits it provides, including:

1. Time savings. With a kitchen display system, orders are sent directly to the kitchen from a point of sale (POS) terminal or, in restaurants with mobile POS, directly from customers’ tables using mobile devices. Different parts of the order can be directed to the appropriate prep stations, allowing all areas to immediately begin on the order. The system can also inform servers when orders are ready. All of this leads to faster service and, consequently, faster table turns.

A kitchen display system also helps managers evaluate kitchen performance, providing data that shows how much time various orders take and areas in which the restaurant could be more efficient. Adjustments to kitchen staffing, processes, or organization based on this data can help speed up service even more.

2. Increased efficiency and accuracy. A kitchen display system eliminates the need for handwritten order tickets. With this improved method of tracking restaurant orders, there is less of a chance of error when communicating orders directly to the kitchen display’s screen and minimal chance that orders will be lost. In addition, having your wait staff put in orders in front of their customers allows them to upsell the table’s bill each time without having to focus on remembering the orders.

With orders immediately displayed on the kitchen display system, the kitchen can work like a well-oiled machine, giving chefs visibility over all orders and allowing them to plan and prep ensuring all parts of the meal are ready at the same time. A kitchen display system also decreases the number of trips servers have to make to the kitchen, allowing them to perform their jobs more efficiently. Some restaurant report added efficiencies are so significant that it eliminates the need for additional staff.

3. Integration with online ordering. In addition to easy integration with the POS, a kitchen display system can also be integrated with a restaurant’s online ordering system or mobile app. By directly transmitting online orders to the kitchen, there is no need to assign a staff member to enter those orders, which can help you control labor costs.

Online orders transmitted to the kitchen display system also allows chefs to plan food preparations more efficiently, both for orders to be picked up or sent out for delivery and for orders to be served to diners in the restaurant. Such a balance means neither takeout and delivery customers nor those seated at tables will have long wait times, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty that factor into your restaurant’s success.

Achieving maximum operating efficiencies, bolstering kitchen and wait staff productivity, and maintaining order accuracy while minimizing unnecessary expenditures can make (rather than break) restaurant success. A kitchen display system helps your restaurant put those positive outcomes well within reach.