5 Reasons iOS is the Best Choice for Your Restaurant’s mPOS

Bematech Blog - March 16, 2018

Cheerful two young women sitting at cafe holding menu card giving order to waiter who is taking it with a mPOS. Choosing a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system for your restaurant is a matter of remembering three S’s: simple, secure, and scalable. You’ll want an mPOS solution that new employees can learn quickly, that’s easy to maintain, that keeps your network and customer data secure, and that has the ability to grow with your business and with a rapidly changing industry.

One question remains: Can you get all of this and more at an affordable cost? Apple’s iOS devices offer a great choice when it comes to restaurant mPOS solutions. Here are five reasons:

1. Product familiarity

Apple’s iOS holds the majority market share for tablet technology. About 70.8% of tablet based web traffic is generated from iPads. This means that most of your employees and customers are familiar with the iOS interface and will find it easy to use. Customers won’t need handholding to interact with mPOS devices tableside. Your staff will find them easy to use as well — even from day one. The restaurant industry has a high employee turnover rate, so training is often a routine chore, but it can also be time consuming and costly. The faster an employee grasps the technology the faster they are productive members of your staff.

2. Powerful and robust functionality

Apple products are built to be easy to use “out of the box,” but simple doesn’t mean lacking in functionality. Restaurateurs who use the iOS have a powerful tool to help simplify their operations. Your staff will be able to navigate applications designed for iPad or other iOS device quickly and efficiently. In addition, the iPad has the most stable wireless platform, hands down. Having an iOS mPOS device helps your wait staff speed up tableside orders and process modern payment types your customers are using. It also enables your staff to update data in real time giving managers visibility into restaurant performance and inventory data without missing a beat.

3. Simple maintenance

One of the great features of iOS software is regular, automatic updates across all devices. Owners and managers have no need to worry whether all of their mPOS are using the current software and apps. Apple iOS can also help streamline certain operations so that management doesn’t have to perform them manually.

4. Highly secure operating system

Using an Apple iPad means you have one of the most secure operating systems on the market. Its closed ecosystem design helps prevent hackers from accessing data or corrupting key apps that are part of your mPOS system. All apps developed for the iPad have protective barriers to prevent information sharing. In addition, all apps on your device are constantly scanned by Apple to check for anomalies that may be a sign of potential viruses. This constant vigil to protect your business information is what makes the iOS a good choice when the security of your business and your customers’ data is at risk.

5. A scalable tool that grows with your business

The front and back of your house needs to be in perfect sync to operate at peak efficiency — and customer satisfaction. The Apple iOS platform delivers this ability. Applications developed with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines integrate seamlessly with your iOS mPOS system and provide optimal user experiences. For example, Bematech’s KitchenGo Allee, part of the KitchenGo KDS (kitchen display system) solution, was developed to integrate seamlessly with iOS devices, features all interface elements, icons, text appearance and terminology to provide an easy intuitive experience for your wait and kitchen staff, which improves workflow and efficiency across the board.

When selecting or upgrading your mPOS system, consider the benefits of iOS and how this hardware can grow with you, provide secure operations and deliver gains in productivity and efficiency that will result in a healthy ROI.

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