5 Must Have Features of a Coffee Shop POS System

Bematech Blog - March 20, 2018

pexels-photo-272887We’ve all seen the memes where coffee consumption directly impacts an individual’s level of workplace functionality. While it may be amusing to poke fun, the truth is, according to an annual report by the National Coffee Association, the percentage of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis increased to 62% in 2017—up from 57% in 2016. Gourmet varieties are leading the charge, as the year’s overall consumption increase saw a jump from 18% to 24% in daily espresso-based beverage consumption.

That’s excellent news for the local coffee hot spot! However, for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) catering to America’s caffeine craving, increased consumption means an increase in store traffic, staffing, and ingredients. If you’re still using manual processes for employee scheduling, point of sale (POS), and inventory management, you may not be getting the best ROI. Here’s what every manager needs from their coffee shop POS system to productively and profitably meet America’s demand.

Seamless Integration

To operate efficiently, coffee shop managers need access anywhere, anytime, to business data such as sales numbers and bill of materials reports. Not only does it help you to place more accurate orders, but it helps identify customer traffic trends so you can increase or decrease labor appropriately. Implementing tools like a kitchen display system (KDS) helps your staff see orders immediately, allowing them to maximize efficiency and productivity in expediting orders. Finally, make sure your coffee shop POS system has compatible hardware—consider a mobile POS option—that integrates with your store’s footprint to conserve valuable counter space.

Reliable and Fast

Whether it’s grabbing a caffeine boost prior to starting work, during a business meeting, or on the way to an evening engagement, most of your customers are on the go, and time is a valuable commodity. To keep lines moving, your software needs adequate processing power to keep up with the demand without losing network connectivity. Your coffee shop POS hardware should also be rugged enough to handle the spills, bumps, and other damage prone to your environment.

Quick Processing and Product Speed Keys

Your customers are known for customizing their drinks for any number of modifiers, so coffee shop POS systems need to have touch buttons that meet this demand.  Make sure your POS can create customizable product speed keys, menu buttons that reflect seasonal best sellers, and one-touch keys for quick and accurate order taking and payment processing.

Analytics and Reporting

As a manger of a coffee shop, your time is at a premium. Your ideal POS system should provide you analytics and reporting at the click of a button. Insights into inventory management, customer behavior and trends, and optimal employee deployment, will allow you to spend less time gleaning together information and more time making savvy business decisions that lead to a better ROI.

Customer Benefits and Loyalty Programs

America’s caffeine craving may be on the upswing today, but that guarantees nothing for tomorrow. Use your coffee shop POS as a tool for providing your loyal customers with rewards for choosing to patron your business. Additionally, make sure your system has a gift card purchasing and processing component—after all gift cards are a great tool for helping to grow your customer base.

When meeting America’s demand for that perfect cup, the less coffee down the drain is more money in your pocket. Make sure your coffee shop POS system has the features that will allow you to optimize productivity, profitability, and grow the customer experience for the best ROI. Let the experts at Bemacash help guide you in implementing the best solution for a perfect cup of coffee for both your customer and your business.