4 Reasons You Wish You Had a Kitchen Display System this Holiday Season

Bematech Blog - November 9, 2017

a man and a women in chef hats in a commercial kitchen looking at a kitchen display system to prepare ordersRestaurateurs have a tool that can help them operate efficiently even during the busy holiday rush — the kitchen display system (KDS).  During the season filled with holiday parties, shoppers treating themselves to dining out after a day of searching for the perfect gifts, and families and friends gathering at your restaurant, a KDS is indispensable for restaurants that want to make each of those dining experiences a special one.

A KDS seamlessly integrates with your Point of Sale (POS) application, keeping kitchen operations flowing smoothly. The cost savings and increased customer satisfaction that your KDS provides will:

1. Improve efficiency

When orders are transmitted from the POS to the kitchen via a KDS solution, there’s no need to print them out. Additionally, with a kitchen display system, orders can be automatically routed to the proper station. This saves time that might otherwise be spent looking for misplaced orders or carrying order printouts from the wrong station to the right one. Reviewing orders on a KDS is also easier and takes less time than reviewing printed orders, and orders can be prioritized if needed.

But this is just the beginning. A KDS makes it easy to check for pending dishes; kitchen staff need only touch a button to do so. Auditory alerts notify servers or the front counter when orders are ready to dispatch. Your kitchen display system integrates easily with your online ordering system. The end result is efficiency enhancement: Order preparation begins sooner, so customers get their food faster. And kitchen staffs’ ability to complete more orders in less time may reduce your labor expenditures.

2. Reduce margin for error

A KDS eliminates the guesswork — and the inevitable mistakes that follow— when orders are misplaced or unreadable. Just as important, a kitchen display system is designed so that orders must be entered into the POS in the same way each time. Consequently, wait staff make fewer errors in the process, and there’s less opportunity for kitchen staff to misinterpret orders.

3. Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

The increased order preparation efficiencies achieved with a KDS solution lead to shorter waits for orders and opens the door for accommodating more guests in less time. The faster customers receive their orders, the better their dining experience and the higher their degree of satisfaction and loyalty to your restaurant.

Customers are equally happy and more satisfied when they receive their food as ordered. Your kitchen display system allows this to happen by minimizing preparation errors, delaying the routing of order components, and synchronizing preparation times. Hot foods arrive at the table hot. Guests receive their appetizers and entrees simultaneously — with no need to return improperly prepared items to the kitchen and await replacements. Patrons can relax because they aren’t being bombarded by appetizers and entrees at the same time.

4. Cut down on waste

A kitchen display system requires minimal energy to operate and makes paper waste a thing of the past. And fewer mistakes mean less food discarded due to preparation errors.

Some restaurateurs think a KDS is appropriate only for quick service restaurant or larger establishments, but the technology is of great value to any size operation. If you are looking to increase customer volume and satisfaction while decreasing order preparation times and heightening kitchen efficiencies, investing in a kitchen display system may be the best move you can make.