National Dessert Day: Treat Your Loyalty Rewards Customers

Bematech Blog - October 9, 2017

National Dessert Day treat for loyalty customersNational Dessert Day, which falls on October 14, is a reminder that it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. But you can also use it as an occasion to treat your best customers. Offering a treat for National Dessert Day to your loyalty rewards program members can be an unexpected delight for your most loyalty customers, but it could also provide a boost to sales. Here are some possibilities that may spark some creative ideas of your own for how to celebrate with your customers.


For restaurants, celebrating National Dessert Day is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t your loyalty rewards customers take advantage of a chance to enjoy one of your irresistible desserts? Consider these ideas:

  • Freebies: Let customers redeem points for special National Dessert Day dishes, or offer program participants a free dessert with the purchase of any menu item. You could also pair menu items with a complimentary dessert — for example, buy a burger and get free ice cream or a cookie. Depending on your brand and concept, you could also focus on a special coffee that goes with dessert or treat kids that come to dinner with their parents.
  • Dessert with a friend: Offer customers in your loyalty rewards program the opportunity to celebrate National Dessert Day with a friend. All they need to do is buy one dessert — their friend receives one at no charge.
  • Dessert for breakfast: Who says dessert only follows lunch or dinner? Coffee shops and diners that do most of their business in the morning can help loyalty club members start the day with a sweet treat such as a doughnut or chocolate chip muffin.
  • Share a recipe or serving suggestion: Consider sharing a recipe created for National Dessert Day with your customers to enjoy at home, perhaps with an ingredient you sell, such as chocolate sauce for a topping or cookies that can be used in a crust. Are cupcakes your restaurant’s thing? Offer instructions for assembling a party-worthy “cupcake tower.”


Who says National Dessert Day is only a cause to celebrate at restaurants? Retailers can also share in the fun and reward their customers:

  • Dessert buffet: Invite loyalty club members to enjoy a dessert buffet while they shop — keep it simple (and less messy) so customers can have a sweet treat, but still browse your merchandise.
  • Team up: Partner with a nearby restaurant or food stand. Loyalty rewards program participants who purchase anything in your store on National Dessert Day then get a coupon for dessert from that business.
  • Healthy alternatives: Offering rich desserts aren’t a good match for some types of retail stores — for example, sporting goods, fitness equipment, and health food retailers. If your store falls into this category, reward loyal customers with alternatives that feel like treats, but don’t pack on the pounds. You can also give customers the option to donate loyalty points to a food bank or other charity.
  • A different twist: “Dessert” doesn’t have to be literal. Customers always enjoy a treat, even if it’s a discount or gift card for a future visit.

Making National Dessert Day offers doesn’t have to be limited to current members of your loyalty rewards program. Enticing offers on October 14 could also be incentive to sign up new members so they can also receive rewards. It may even increase pre-holiday shopping season traffic to your store or restaurant.

As with any promotion or campaign, you will need the right technology behind it in order to meet customer expectations. With help from a Bematech Point of Sale (POS) system, you’ll get the data you need to plan, evaluate, and modify these promotions for continued sweet success.