How Line Busting Strategies Benefit Gift Shops During Tourist Season

Bematech Blog - June 7, 2017

line bustingSummer is almost here, and with it, an influx of tourists at gift shops. While stocking your stores to make sure you have the inventory that your customers want, you also need to prepare for tourist season by putting processes and technology in place that will help provide the types of experiences shoppers demand. This includes implementing line busting strategies.

Understand the consequences of long wait times at the Point of Sale

 Consumers strongly dislike waiting in long lines and, now more than ever before, they place a value on their time. Shoppers may become so frustrated with a delay at the Point of Sale (POS) that they leave a store without making a purchase. In fact, a survey from TimeTrade reveals that the average consumer waits no longer than 10 minutes in a retail checkout line before walking out of the store empty-handed. Potential customers may even see a long line through the store window and be discouraged from entering at all. Either way, consumers could begin to associate your store with long lines, long wait times, and poor service, and that’s something you can’t afford.

Use mobile POS (mPOS) devices to shorten lines and provide quicker service

Outdated technology is a common reason for slow service and long lines, so evaluate whether your POS system could be a detriment to great customer experiences. Another problem may be fixed checkout counters themselves. Stationary POS terminals mean people have to stand in line, and in the height of tourist season, those lines can get long.

Mobile POS, which uses a tablet or other mobile device, provides your business with line busting capabilities. mPOS allows sales associates to complete transactions anywhere in the store; your employees can assist customers in the aisles and take payments on the spot. They can also use mPOS to set up a temporary checkout to help lines move faster. If your business displays merchandise outdoors, mPOS can even be configured to take payments outside, making shopping even more convenient.

During the busy tourist season and throughout the year, sales associates can also use mPOS devices to complete merchandise returns and find answers to shoppers’ questions about products, saving additional time.

It’s time to offer fast, efficient service

Whether it is tourist season or another busy time on your business’ calendar, it’s crucial to find ways to minimize waits and ensure the shopping experiences you provide are delighting customers and building loyalty. Visitors who enjoy a convenient shopping experience will not only be sure to return to your store again, but may also tell others about it.

Bematech has the technology and the expertise to help you deploy the technology you need for line busting as well as other improvements you can make to shopping experiences at your store.

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