3 Ways POS Can Help You Celebrate “Get to Know Your Customers Day”

Bematech Blog - April 12, 2017

POSOn the third Thursday of each quarter, many businesses observe “Get to Know Your Customer Day.” In Q2 2017, the celebration is right around the corner on April 20. By using their Point of Sale (POS) systems to help observe this day, merchants can gain a deeper understanding of how to improve their businesses, as well as pave the way for new marketing opportunities and enhanced customer loyalty.

Here are three ways to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day that can also help you grow your business:

1. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Take a walk around your store or restaurant and consider it from the customer’s perspective. Are displays disorganized, making it difficult for customers to find what they want? Are your employees less than courteous, apathetic, or difficult to pin down? Does your establishment appear to be clean and welcoming? All of these problems can disappoint customers and make them feel under appreciated.

Also consider wait times. Often, long waits occur at the Point of Sale (POS) counter. You can decrease wait times by upgrading to powerful POS systems that run quickly, and you may also consider adding mobile POS so your employees can assist customers in the aisles or at tables, without making them wait in line.

2. Analyze customer data. Get to Know Your Customers Day is the perfect occasion to assess your business’s data collection procedures as well as the types of data you collect on your customers. The information you collect about your customers can help you meet consumer demands to personalize the service and offers they receive. For example, when a new collection is in, you can inform customers that have purchased items from that clothing line and offer a discount to entice them back to the store.

A good POS system has loyalty program and customer relationship management (CRM) components that allow you to build files for each customer to include specific data such as information on their past purchases and the types of merchandise or menu items they like.

3. Talk to customers. Get to Know Your Customers Day is a great occasion for managers to get out on the sales floor or into the dining room to get better acquainted with customers through dialogue with them. Take mobile POS with you to help answer inventory or promotions questions quickly and accurately. Ask customers what they think about your business. You can collect customer feedback (any day of the year) through surveys, social media, and review sites.

4. Give back. Get to Know Your Customers Day is a great occasion for a customer appreciation sale or special discounts. It may also be the right backdrop for a donation or volunteer effort that supports people in your community.

Reserve time to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day on the third Thursday of each January, April, July, and October to learn more about your customers and your relationship with them. The insights you gain by collecting and analyzing data with the help of your POS system and the benefits they can have for your business will definitely be cause for celebration.