3 Ways to Improve Sales by Marketing to Kids

Bematech Blog - February 9, 2017

marketing for kidsMarketing to kids and their parents is a great way for restaurants and retailers to increase their sales. Consider this: According to a report by advertising agency Digitas, the spending power of “little kids and tweens” alone totals $1.2 trillion annually. Capitalizing on this trend, however, takes a different approach than your other marketing initiatives, including three key areas:

1. Messaging

When it is kids’ attention that you want to grab, make sure messaging is:

  • Brief and relevant. Kids lack the attention span to read long sentences, lengthy explanations, and large blocks of copy. They also will ignore messages that aren’t tied to trends that currently affect them. Appeal to them with pictures, graphic examples, and short sentences that reflect social media trends and youthful culture.
  • Trustworthy. Parent buy-in is typically necessary when marketing to kids. Only those messages that build parents’ trust will ensure that buy-in.
  • Conveyed on appropriate music platforms. Kids typically use the free version of music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora, so advertising on them makes sense. Most of these platforms have advanced analytics to ensure that operators’ marketing messages are reaching the designated audience.

2. Special Accommodations

If your messaging is kid-friendly, your store or restaurant has to back it up. Make sure there is seating for children and highchairs for babies in dining rooms. Designate areas for kids to play or have activities designed for children that can occupy them while parents shop. Parents will appreciate not having to bring their own booster seats or toys along on trips to your location.

When you have common areas for kids to play, make sure you disinfect tables, chairs, and other items on a regular basis to keep it germ-free. The cleaner an establishment, the more likely parents will return.

Above all, make a trip to your establishment fun. Children that have to sit or wait quietly in line are often fighting their natural tendencies to explore, laugh, and play. Make doing business with you a good experience, which is good advice regardless of the age group you are marketing to.

 3. Be Where Kids Are

If your business doesn’t have an active online presence, find out where young people in your market are active and have a presence there. Sharing videos, games, contests, and kid-centric content is a good avenue to explore to reach your youngest customers.

Also have a platform for communication where parents can get answers to their questions and provide you with feedback. Respond to messages quickly and handle negative comments, if any, courteously and sincerely. If a comment is made in a public forum, show you care about the customer’s concerns and are taking steps to correct the problem to assure it doesn’t recur.

Marketing to kids can be an opportunity to boost sales, but it must be handled in a way that provides great customer experiences and builds trust and loyalty. Following the best practices outlined above will pave the way to a positive outcome and a bigger bottom line.