Retail Mobility: Tips on Line Busting for the Holiday Shopping Season

Bematech Blog - November 9, 2016

Retail mobility helps keep holiday shoppers happy, like this young wonamWith the holiday season underway, it’s a great time to leverage mobile Point of Sale (POS) technology to offer customers the easiest possible shopping and merchandise returns experience. Retail mobility makes for a better holiday shopping experience by:

  • Facilitating line busting. Sales associates can accept payments on tablets or other mobile POS devices anywhere in the store to supplement the number of stationary checkout counters. For example sales associates can assist customers in the aisles or at pop-up POS terminals on the sales floor. This decreases the wait customers experience to complete their holiday shopping transactions. A short or non-existent wait at the POS leads to happier, more satisfied customers, who may even return to your store for the convenient shopping experiences, rather than shop where they know they’ll be standing in line.
  • Helping customers get through their shopping lists faster. Retail mobility can also enhance the holiday shopping experience by helping customers locate the items they want more quickly and make purchasing decisions with fewer headaches. For example, in addition to utilizing tablets to process payments, store associates on the sales floor can use mobile POS to search the inventory database for a product that matches a description provided by a customer. Tablets can also be used to help answer customers’ questions about items they are considering with information from your POS system or from manufacturers’ websites.

Meanwhile, when it comes to returns and exchanges, retail mobility supports a positive shopping experience by allowing you to offer:

  • Additional return counters. Store employees equipped with tablets can process returns and exchanges for customers who are queued up at the checkout counter. You can also station associates with mobile POS devices and compact Bluetooth scanners at the front entrance of your store or at temporary stations dedicated to returns and exchanges. Both strategies can make the return process quicker and easier.
  • Hassle-free exchanges. If sales associates are equipped with mobile POS devices and Bluetooth scanners, they can scan customers’ receipts (and, if applicable, product packages) in store aisles, return unwanted merchandise to the shelf, and scan the replacement item to complete an exchange. Bluetooth scanners, which can be used with iOS and Android devices, are compact, lightweight, and highly portable, so they are easy for sales associates to carry with them and use throughout their shifts.
  • Easy processing of returns and exchanges without a receipt. Retail mobility also provides a way for store employees to access copies of receipts for customers who want to return or exchange merchandise, but have lost the paper record of their purchase.
  • Easy return of merchandise purchased using credit or debit cards. With tablets that have mobile POS functionality, store employees can quickly credit a payment card or send digital store credits or e-gift cards to customers’ email address or smartphone.

Your customers may dread the thought of long holiday shopping lines and returns or exchanges, but they don’t have to face negative experiences at your stores. Use your retail mobility solution to keep lines moving, to make payment transaction and return or exchange processes quick and simple. This will ensure convenient and pleasant customer experiences for shoppers during the holidays or at any time throughout the year.